Spring Cleaning 101 – Reclaim your Space by Getting Rid of Junk

Spring Cleaning Dumpster Draft

Is your house starting to look like an episode of hoarders? Are you finding that whenever you need to get something out of storage, you have to wade through a sea of useless junk to get to it? Do you remember what is in all of those bins you keep stacked up in the garage? Let’s face it, sometimes we can put something away for a while, thinking we’ll use it later, but ten years go by, and we’ve completely forgotten about its original use. If we do this enough times, we end up taking up too much of our space and end up trying to live around the mess we’ve made.

A System for Sorting & Identifying Your Junk

But let’s put all of that behind you, shall we? The time for spring cleaning is at hand! If you want to clean your home and restore it to functionality, then you’ll need to develop a system that will allow you to get rid of all of the junk that has been holding you back from enjoying your space.

                The best system of spring cleaning is to sort items into three categories:

  1. things you want to keep
  2. things you don’t want to keep; and
  3. things you need to keep.

Easy enough, right? But here’s the caveat, most of the time, a person will confuse the things they want with the things they need. This is what makes getting rid of junk so difficult in the moment. You kept those items for all these years, right? So there’s never the world in which you aren’t able to justify why you should keep something.

Partner Up to Get a Reality Check (and keep you on task!)

Wants and needs are often clearer when there’s a partner with you who isn’t attached to the situation. Enlist the help of a friend who can accurately predict whether an item is going to be useful to you or not. Remember, we are emotional creatures at our core. The reason we can’t get rid of junk isn’t that we are lazy or undisciplined, but rather because we tend to have emotional attachments to our stuff. Bringing in a third party can help motivate you to make the plunge and get rid of the junk and help you separate the emotion!

Make Dumping all the Junk Easy – Rent a Bin

Another great way to motivate yourself to clean is to schedule the rental of a dumpster bin. Now, you might think that’s strange since you’re not doing construction, but dumpster bins can be inexpensive and a very practical way to dispose of trash. After all, some cities have problems with putting junk on the front lawn and it’s doubtful your trash cans can hold everything you’re getting rid of.

Another benefit of having a dumpster bin is the fact that it will motivate you to take care of all of your cleanings as quickly as possible since you’re paying for a rental. This will ensure that you are both motivated and capable of getting rid of all your trash quickly and easily.

Yes, You Can Get Rid of Your Junk!

By picking a friend who can help you make the right choices and by getting the right gear necessary to clean your home, all you need to do then is set a date and get started. You will feel much better once your home is clear of all that junk!